Stacie Grobolshek

Vice President, Senior Rescue

I'd say my love for animals started with my first subscription to Dog World when I was about 10. I loved that magazine. I would sit and cut dog pictures out of the dogs and make a wish list of all the breeds I'd hope to own one day.


It wasn't until about 4 years ago that I started volunteering at a local shelter. Why it took me this long to start doing this, I have no idea, but it has changed my life. Being in the shelter environment has allowed me see so many sides of rescue and shelter work that although hectic and crazy at times, is one of the most rewarding things to be a part of. I love working with behavioral dogs that simply just need a chance to learn and grow, however my heart belongs to the seniors in the shelters. In one of the most needy times in a dogs life, we are seeing so many seniors dumped or surrendered to the shelters. My dream one day is to not see any animal homeless, but my priority is getting the ones that have only a handful of years left, out of these shelters and into homes where they can be spoiled and live their days to the fullest. 

The animals I currently call my own are a manic Boston Terrier named Nigel, a grumpy Dachshund diva named Roxie, the most perfect Norwegian Elkhound named Nefertiti and the spunkiest senior Boxer you'll ever meet named Patsy. Then we won't mention all the foster failed cats I haven't let go of.