Buster, 8yo Bulldog mix

Hello!  I answer to quite a few names because I am really smart! I think I was called Brutus in my previous life, but I like being called Buster, or Butter, or budder boy, or anything that lets me know I am your friend!  I had a rough go for my first years of life, but would be so appreciative of being loved and included in your family as a treasured family pet.

I am housebroken, crate trained, and I understand house rules.  I love rawhide treats, tiny milk bones treats, and think mini Vanilla wafers are the BOMB.  You should see my tail when you break out the cookie box…

Favorite activities? I go nuts for a five minute car ride! My current foster has to pick stuff up in the morning, and when she picks up my leash, I can hardly contain myself. I may be “older”, but I can hang with the youngest of them.  Favorite toys?  I have an elk horn, a buffalo horn, and hard plastic toys.

I don’t overeat, and you can leave my food down 24/7 because I will eat what I need and then stop.  I will admit that my foster Mom moistens my food with gravy, butter, or broth in the evening, and I LOVE it.  

My current foster Mom takes me for a daily walk.  Dependent on the weather, we go from ½ a mile to 2 miles per day (she claims PokeMonGo access..I really don’t get it,  but I am good to go with it if it is warm). 

I admit I'm a bit slow to warm up to new situations, but I am a happy dog and will be your best friend once I get to know you! I just want so badly to find someone who wants to love me and allow me to learn to love you!

- Buster