Dogs that have found their Furever...

Goldie and Lucky

GOLDIE AND LUCKY - These girls ended up homeless after their owner passed. They had lived their entire life together and thankfully, they will continue to do so as they were adopted together! They are living the life on some land and fitting in just perfectly with their other furry siblings.


LUCKY - Lucky was rescued from TX when the shelter he was in was damaged by floods. He was a very timid and shy guy who was unsure of many people. His foster mom worked to turn this boy's life around and fell in love while doing so. She now calls Lucky her own and he is one very happy and lucky boy. :)


BEAR - This big boy was one of the happiest guys around. Even when he was found as a stray in pretty rough shape, he was smiling. Bear's smile landed him a home out in the 'country' where he has land, a pond to swim in and a little girl to protect. Good luck ever getting the smile off that boys face now!


BEAUREGARD - This sweet face ended up homeless after his owner fell ill and could no longer care for him. Beau's spirits remained high throughout the entire process. His foster mom took such great care of him and while out and about on a nice day, Beau caught the eye of his adopters. He is now living the life with a family who adores Beagles and Beau!


RALEIGH - Raleigh had been with the same family his entire life. Unfortunately, one member passed and the other fell ill and was unable to take care of him. It was a difficult move for Raleigh, but the foster mom helped make his transition the easiest it could possibly be. Raleigh now has a furever home with the woman that fostered him! She helped him know that he would be just as loved in her home as he had been with his other family.


PEPPER - Pepper was a stray that ended up in a rural shelter with very little attention or care. She was confused and needed some medical attention. A foster helped Pepper get healthy and ended up falling in love in the process. Pepper is now being spoiled rotten in a home with 2 other 4-legged siblings!


THUNDER - Thunder found himself abandoned at a boarding facility after his owners dropped him off and never returned. Thunder caught the eye of an amazing adopter and now lives with another 4-legged sibling and ensures that his new family always has a buddy to snuggle with.


ROXIE - Roxie's family was having a hard time keeping up with her medical needs. With the help of a vet checkup and a loving family, Roxie is now resting comfortably in a new home and getting the care she needs. She ensures her yard is always clear of birds and her blankets always compliment her fur. :)


CLEO - Our very first rescue! She came to us needing treatment for Heartworm and we are happy to say she is now Heartworm free and being spoiled by her new family! She has a 4-legged sibling and helps keep the couch warm when needed.